An introduction to LIVERIMAGE

An Idea


LIVERIMAGE is a new, internet-based, resource initiative from clinicians. Liver disease is a relatively new and complex specialty with patients presenting in myriad ways. After transplantation the interplay between sepsis, immune suppression, organ failure among others, changes the clinical presentation to the point that even experienced clinicians are sometimes perplexed. Moreover in many transplant centers due to limited transplant numbers despite years of experience, not all of the pathologies have been seen or experienced. In fact even in veteran centers, resolution of clinical conundrums that exist in the field of liver surgery and transplantation is sometimes difficult, delayed or not attained.
One of the key tools in the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of these complex patients is imaging, with some of these radiology findings being typical and recognizable. In other cases, difficult to grasp concepts such as auxiliary liver transplantation, are made simple by viewing of an image. So an idea was born to try and develop a system that enables the sharing of knowledge via the use of pictures. The library seeks to be a surrogate, and impart the highly desirable but difficult to achieve experience of a veteran center.

Over the last 12 years I have been collecting liver or pancreas related radiological and clinical images, that illustrate both medical & surgical topics, and to date over 1000 images or case reports have been collected. These images have now been (and being) systematically labelled and archived to form this library. Within the library I have segregated the images into sections that allow readers to study one aspect of the field at a time or search specific items more easily. I hope it will provide some entertainment, education and insights. In time I wish to enable the submission of material from medical professionals everywhere so that all are enriched.
This library was intended to be a service and I aim to keep this library free of advertising and cost. This work was made possible by the help of several experts including the Webmaster, radiographers and of course medical colleagues who form the editorial panel many of whom have been responsible for giving me direction in this interesting and fascinating field. The panel of editors and advisory board has been carefully chosen and is composed of men & women who have been dealing with liver disease for over 10 years each.

Prof. Dr. Tom Cherian MBBS; FRCS (G Surg); FRCS (I-Collegiate).
CCST (UK). Advanced Liver Transplant Fellowship (London).

Founder & Editor, LIVERIMAGE.


Professor, Liver Transplantation (Hon).
Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad-10.

Group Director,
HPB Surgery & Liver Transplantation.
Care Hospitals.

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